The Libertine Belles
The Libertine Belles are a Sweet and Hot, Vintage Swing Vocal Trio accompanying themselves on 6-string Tenor Uke, Washboard, plus saucy upright bass and  sizzling cornet to dazzle your senses!

Heartstring Tinkerin' Tom

Upcoming Gigs: Let Us Entertain You..

Sat., July 5th " Rock the Boat" dance cruise @Waterfront Blues Fest
10:30-1:15a.m!  Bring your dancin' shoesies!

Weds., Aug 13th @ Washington Park 7-7:45 pm

Sat., Sept. 6th Secret Society Happy Hour! 6tpm FREE

Hot off the presses:
Watch out, lil' darling... we are so tickled to announce our self-titled debut CD, the Libertine Belles,  which are available now on CD Baby, and of course at the gigs as well! Many cheeky, old-time style originals, as well as a few great covers, all arranged by the Belles themselves!

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